Welcome to SlothTools!

Feb 16, 2023Sellers Industries

Welcome to our blog for SlothTools!

As developers our selves, we understand the importantance of an efficient workflow. We have experienced first-hand the isues that can cause hicups and remove you from your creative grove. Our mission was to build software to remove these issues. A software suite of productivity tools to innovative for developers and creatives.

Our newest product SlothTools Data Editor is a code based data manipulation tool for text, arrays, and objects. This tool helps developers and creatives bridge the gap between data and implementation. SlothTools Data Editor helps you perform data transformation tasks in minutes on text, arrays, objects, and more. With the added power of the Lazy Library you can easily convert, map, filter, minifiy and beautify any type of data.

On this blog we will be sharing insight for developers and creatives about improving your workflow and working with data files. Stay tuned for more articles!

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